Pat the Bunny by Dorothy Kunhardt

What baby’s collection would be complete without a copy of Pat the Bunny by Dorothy Kunhardt? Every time that I pull this book out, Benjamin grasps for it frantically.  It’s as though he is starving and wants to eat the book and in baby language I’m taking that to mean that he loves it.


We have the spiral bound plastic comb version of the book and it’s just the right size for us.  The only thing is because he loves it so much and puts it in his mouth, I’m not sure if the copy is going to hold up in the long run.  This may be a book that you want to have multiple copies of.  The corners are also a bit sharp with this version so you might want to watch out for that.  Since the book is delicate, it’s one that you might want to share instead of hand over but I promise you won’t mind.


The book is in the “Touch and Feel” category.  There  are multiple textures for baby to experience.  There is a scratchy and soft page.  There is also a smelly page, a peek a boo page, and also a reflective mirror for baby to see himself.


There are many different versions of this book.  Some of the copies only have the soft bunny.  Be sure to include the one with the multi-sensory details and then add the others.

Pat the Bunny was first published in 1940.  It’s one of those timeless classics that you yourself might remember someone reading to you.  It’s such a peaceful and simple book, one that is just right to cuddling and interacting with your little one. This would be a great gift, a must have for baby shower.  One of those books that parents will enjoy sharing just as much as their children.

 Buy Your Own Copy of Pat the Bunny at a local bookstore or from Amazon:

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